ElringKlinger AG

A committed and motivated workforce

ElringKlinger's competitive strengths are based on know-how, technological expertise, creativity, diligence and, above all, the commitment displayed by a team of around 8,700 people currently employed by the Group around the globe – highly motivated, well qualified and extremely dedicated. Those employees are responsible for developing the innovative products and production processes needed for environmentally friendly transportation of the future. We therefore see employee satisfaction as a top priority,  on the basis of an attractive and motivating workplace environment and a stimulating range of job-related duties.

If we are to identify innovative solutions for the future, it is vital that our employees enjoy an appropriate balance between life and work. Flexible working structures, flexi-time systems and part-time employment models are in use to differing degrees at all of ElringKlinger’s locations, helping to ensure that our employees’ career objectives and personal requirements are harmonized as effectively as possible.

As a leading technology business, ElringKlinger is particularly reliant on the expertise, dedication and experience of its employees. We are therefore highly committed to providing them with individual opportunities for advancement by enabling them to gain specialist qualifications or undertake personalized professional development programs. As part of what we term our “Employees with Potential” activities, skilled workers and managers are trained for future leadership roles within the ElringKlinger Group in a series of specially chosen seminars. ElringKlinger is also constantly refreshing the pool of qualified staff by maintaining a consistently high 4% ratio of vocational trainees to other employees.

ElringKlinger's policy of Idea Management is aimed at nurturing creative potential and ensuring that solutions designed to help improve day-to-day operations are implemented accordingly throughout the company. To this end, ElringKlinger provides its employees with the necessary opportunities to play an active role in enhancing processes, workplace health and safety standards and environmental protection. Furthermore, we reward their willingness to embrace new approaches with a number of attractive prizes.

You can find further data on ElringKlinger’s workforce under “Data & Facts”.

Insights into the world of ElringKlinger


ElringKlinger is opposed to any form of discrimination and is committed to social diversity and responsibility. The Group eats, sleeps, and breathes these principles through a number of projects. For example, it works in close cooperation with the BruderhausDiakonie Foundation and the associated disabled persons’ workshops in Dettingen/Erms, which handle end-to-end processes for the company's Aftermarket division. At the company site in Buford, USA, too, people with disabilities perform assembly, sorting, and packaging tasks, providing them with an environment in which they are included in working life.

Additionally, ElringKlinger offers a summer vacation program for children of parents working within the Group. It is carried out in collaboration with BruderhausDiakonie. The inclusive groups are supported, among others, by our vocational trainees as part of their community-based internships. After all, in keeping with the thoughts of German president Richard von Weizsäcker, it's normal for ElringKlinger to be different.

Healthy working

Alongside company sports groups that meet outside working hours, ElringKlinger's occupational health management program also includes health-related measures implemented at the place of work. An external physiotherapist has analyzed the company's workspaces and work processes at the site in Dettingen/Erms, drawn up ergonomic exercises for personnel, and implemented an ongoing training program. At the same time, selected staff members have been trained as "multipliers" so that they can maintain a steady level of awareness with regard to this topic and ensure regular training.

We plan to extend the workplace analysis to other areas of the company. A project that has caught on!

Fostering leadership

The "Leadership on the move" program focuses on systematically nurturing and promoting leadership at a managerial level. It consists of several modules that embrace leadership principles such as clarity and openness, respect of personality traits and opinions, the ability to work in cooperation with others, and how to discharge responsibilities. Interdisciplinary thinking is supported by joint projects that bring together a broad range of people and allow the various divisions and departments to interact.

The program took place for the eighth time in 2015 and included 103 managers from all areas of the company. Leadership needs nurturing!