ElringKlinger AG

Sealing systems for all drive types.
Tailored. Innovative. Highly effective.

Whether passenger car or commercial vehicle, electric engine, hybrid technology or traditional drive: ElringKlinger covers the numerous sealing tasks in the engine, transmission, exhaust system, auxiliary units and in the bodywork and chassis area with specifically coordinated, efficient sealing systems. We set standards with our unique development and production expertise and more than 140 years of experience.

Sealing technology from ElringKlinger offers a high level of safety, performance and economic efficiency – even under the harshest conditions.

High performance installed: sealing technology from ElringKlinger

A lot is expected of modern vehicles: they must be efficient and sustainable, yet also high performance, long-lasting, robust, safe and comfortable. As partner to the automotive industry, ElringKlinger makes a valuable contribution in the form of intelligent, innovative product solutions for all drive technologies, including both internal combustion engines and electric vehicles.

Gaskets are used at all locations in motor vehicles where components are connected or meet. They reliably seal off the various media – oil, coolant, fuels and combustion gases – with respect to both the atmosphere and one another and prevent the ingress of dirt. Gaskets also act as power transmission elements between components and can assume various additional functions.

The optimal sealing system for every application

Our tailor-made sealing systems are just as varied as their possible usage locations. Materials and designs are perfectly matched to the particular requirements involved. What's more, it is possible to integrate additional functions such as heat shields, filters, sensors and pre-assembly elements. The benefits: fewer individual components, less installation work, reduced weight, lower costs and optimized operation.

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