ElringKlinger AG


Corporate guidelines of the ElringKlinger Group

ElringKlinger creates value that is of benefit to everyone concerned: employees, shareholders, customers, the environment, and the countries in which we operate. Motivated employees and a supportive set-up are key competitive advantages in the age of globalization.

Overview of our corporate guidelines

Vision & Mission

The vision and mission statements together form the framework for all our decision-making and our actions.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct provides orienta-tion and a benchmark with regard to the conduct of our employees.

Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics sets out principles based on globally recognized standards.

Corporate Governance

Corporate goverance centered around a sense of responsibility and the long-term creation of value.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Guidelines and processes relating to the prevention of corruption.


Antitrust Law Policy

All employees are required to comply with antitrust and competition laws and regulations.