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ElringKlinger has focused its efforts on developing forward-looking green technologies. These are designed not only to reduce CO2 emissions but also to scale back the level of harmful nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and soot particles. One of the integral elements of corporate responsibility is to maintain a consistently high level of investment in HR expertise as well as environmentally friendly production processes – for a sustainable business performance.


Data & Facts

All our key HR and environmental indicators at a glance.

"Green Mobility" of the Future

ElringKlinger is focusing its efforts on developing forward-looking green technologies.

pure direction - Sustainability Report 2016

The momentum behind e-mobility has picked up even further. ElringKlinger will play an active role in shaping that future with highly innovative products.

Sustainable Investment

Our commitment to sustainability is now also being acknowledged to a larger extent within the capital markets. We also take part in rankings and ratings.

Press Releases

ElringKlinger revises earnings guidance for current financial year


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