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The automotive industry is entering a new era, in which sustainability and energy efficiency are taking center stage. As an automotive supplier, we have been active in the field of electromobility for around two decades.

The development of electromobility is in full swing around the globe. ElringKlinger is well represented with numerous product solutions.

E-mobility: solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

The electric drive is continuing to pick up pace around the globe. Because innovative mobility has to be sustainable, the focus is on renewable energies. Particularly in cities, electric cars will make an important contribution to increased environmental protection and fewer emissions. Whether in buses, trucks, or vans – e-mobility also offers considerable potential in commercial vehicles with regard to economy, noise reduction, and resource conservation.

Batteries and fuel cells are the crucial technologies for powertrain electrification. In both of these fields, ElringKlinger offers the development and manufacturing expertise necessary to supply matured systems and components that are fit for series production. Together with hofer powertrain, we are also an acknowledged system partner for electric drive units (EDUs). 

In addition, our product ranges lightweight and elastomer technology, sealing technology, shielding systems, and dynamic precision parts offer customized solutions within the area of engine and transmission, exhaust system, chassis, brake system, underbody, interior, and body – for all drive types

Battery Technology

PEM Fuel Cells

Electric Drive Units

E-Mobility Components


The mobility of tomorrow

Mobility is an essential, basic human requirement. It is the prerequisite for freedom, independence, and cross-border exchange. On the way to work, during business and vacation trips, for private chores or leisure activities, we all exploit the advantages of individual mobility and are constantly in motion.

Vehicles are fitted with various drive technologies:

  • Combustion engine: optimized diesel and gasoline engines
  • Hybrid (HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle): electric motor plus combustion engine; battery is charged while driving
  • Plug-in hybrid (PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle): storage battery is additionally charged via the power grid
  • Range extender (REEV – Range Extended Electric Vehicle): current is generated for the electric motor via the combustion engine or fuel cell, for instance
  • Battery-powered vehicle (BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle): battery is charged via the power grid
  • Fuel cell vehicle (FCEV – Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle): power generation for the electric motor directly on board using fuel cells

ElringKlinger's aim is to help make future mobility as sustainable as possible while further optimizing driving enjoyment, safety, comfort, and functionality.

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