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Sustainability is about the capacity to endure

CSR is an integral and fundamental element of ElringKlinger’s corporate strategy. As a supplier to the automotive industry, our company is playing a pioneering role in eco-friendly mobility and is committed to long-term investment in the development of green technologies for a sustainable future. With a clearly defined portfolio centered on this vision, the majority of ElringKlinger products used in engine, transmission and exhaust tract applications as well as in the area of e-mobility are already making a sizeable contribution to the reduction of carbon dioxides, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and soot particulates. Applying efficient, resource-friendly manufacturing methods, ElringKlinger is also fully committed to the protection of the environment at an operational level. In total, around 7,600 high-caliber employees at 45 sites worldwide provide the basis for the Group's success well into the future. ElringKlinger is fully aware of its corporate responsibilities towards its employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and the communities in which it operates – because sustainability is about the capacity to endure.

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Sustainability at ElringKlinger: four key principles

Products and innovations

Innovative product solutions contribute to CO2 reduction and pave the way for "green mobility" of the future.

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Environment and quality

ElringKlinger has set itself a target of reducing its annual relative CO2 output to no more than a few percentage points above zero.

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To ensure that our employees enjoy the very best opportunities for career advancement, ElringKlinger offers a positive workplace environment, a wide range of professional development and training activities and a remuneration system that is focused on performance. 

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Social commitment

ElringKlinger is committed to making a durable contribution to the development of the communities in which it operates. For this reason, we are involved in and actively support a wide variety of social projects.

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