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Supplier Manual

ElringKlinger develops, manufactures and markets gaskets and gasket sets, shielding systems, cam covers and oil pan modules for the automobile industry along with precision parts and semi-finished products made of high-performance plastics, all of which are subject to stringent quality and environmental standards.

To produce such high-quality products, it is necessary to use equally high-grade raw materials and semi-finished goods; after all, the quality of supplied products has a critical bearing on the end product. These high standards apply to services in equal measure.
Moreover, ElringKlinger expects its suppliers around the world to introduce and consistently apply the same principles and management methods as ElringKlinger itself, as demanded by the automobile industry.

This manual is structured in accordance with IATF 16949 and is available as supplemental customer specific requirements (CSR) to IATF 16949 in its current version. All suppliers of the ElringKlinger Group will be notified of new editions and changes. 

In the area of information security, all suppliers must comply with the requirements of VDA-TISAX and ISO 27001 or to ensure a minimum level of information security, depending on the risk and classification of the product or service supplied by the Information Security department of the ElringKlinger Group.

Suppliers working for ElringKlinger in both the automotive and non-automotive sectors must comply with the following guidelines/guidelines as part of the individual project.

Automotive Suppliers

Non-Automotive Suppliers

Indirect Suppliers/Service Providers

The area of indirect suppliers/service providers includes all investments, machinery, equipment, complete tools and tool-specific components incl. associated external services (e.g. eroding, hardening), construction services, furniture, operating materials, repairs, vehicles, energy, advertising materials, auxiliary and operating materials, IT hardware/software, IT services, cloud services and other services, as well as all product groups that are not directly or, in exceptional cases, only indirectly included in our products. Corresponding exceptional cases will be clarified between ElringKlinger and the supplier prior to the start of delivery.

Supplier Manual

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Annex to Supplier Manual

Time Slot Booking System Cargoclix

In order to keep waiting times at the goods receiving area as short as possible and to increase planning reliability for all parties involved, suppliers and their freight service providers can book fixed time slots for the delivery of goods. For this purpose the time slot booking system Cargoclix can be used. If you have any questions, please refer to the user manual or contact the contact persons listed therein.

Please note: this is only valid for truck deliveries for plant 1 (Siemensstraße 1, 72581 Dettingen/Erms). Please also take into account the information given in the document "Delivery Process Plant 1".

Link to Cargoclix: www.cargoclix.com/elring-klinger

Annex to Time Slot Booking System Cargoclix

Available for download: