ElringKlinger AG

Examples of non-automotive applications.
Broadly based success.

Our efficiency, quality, and capacity to innovate are highly sought after in many industries, for example in rail transport, aviation, energy supply, chemical and apparatus engineering, and medical technology. We continue to develop in the areas around our core competences.

In mining vehicles, ships or power plants, our metal-elastomer cylinder-head gaskets seal drive units of up to 10,000 kW. Plastic modules are also used here. 

Cylinder-head and oil pan gaskets from ElringKlinger are among the products used in small aircraft.

As standard flange joints,for example in petrochemical plants, Volumesoftseal flat gaskets provide a long-lasting seal.

ElroShield™ shielding parts are used in ovens, heating devices, etc. to deliver low energy consumption or protect against electromagnetic waves in microwave ovens. Air conditioning units, heat pumps, and small power plants are further areas of application.

ElringKlinger’s PEMFC stack modules can, in addition to passenger cars and trucks, also be used in trains and other scenarios, e.g., to power the drive as a permanent charger for the traction battery.

Our battery modules and systems can be used in various fields of application beyond the automotive industry.

ElringKlinger technologies are impressive in all areas.