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Production Engineer

  • Follow and reflect the technical specifications and guidelines, given by the Corporate Unit.
  • Prepare pre-costing calculations in SAP (ZPCO).
  • Prepare post costing calculations in SAP.
  • Prepare and update BOM's and routings and check actual material input in production.
  • Assure correct and actual master data in SAP (see separate central instruction).
  • Management of unique numbers for e.g. tools, equipment, etc.
  • Process analysis and optimization.
  • Establish Continual Improvement Process (CIP).
  • Assure high efficient of daily work and identify potentials, also in the relevant interfaces.
  • Prepare economic calculations in order to compare different production processes or for other requests e.g. ROI calculation, etc.
  • Use, prepare and control standard reports e.g. parts report, differences of production orders, etc.
  • Determine packaging within the production in cooperation with Senior Dispatch Logistics Specialist.
  • Prepare reports and information on production issues on request e.g. for Production Manager.
  • Other duties as assigned.


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