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CIP Manager

  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) Manager is in charge of identifying opportunities for reducing the seven losses.
  • Methods are based on Lean Management and are fully integrated into the development of improved processes
  • Consistently regarding and considering CU Standards
  • Budgeting and identification of opportunities for improvements with the focus in all production related areas
  • Analyzation of processes on base of detailed KPIs
  • Support plant management in the permanent optimization of the plant with strategic CIP scopes
  • Collaboration with local management team to identify and prioritize CIP projects
  • Planning, leading and executing of cross functional workshops/projects to optimize according the principles of the continuous improvement process
  • Coordinate, assess and control CIP activities across the plant departments
  • Train colleagues and management according continuous improvement principle
  • Push the local organization forward with tools out of the EKPS
  • Identify best practice out of information exchange with other plants 

Please note: Job profiles define the target profile of a position that may differ from the actual profile.


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