ElringKlinger AG

Products and innovations

New product solutions contribute to CO2 reduction and pave the way for "green mobility" of the future

ElringKlinger has fully embraced one of the megatrends currently driving the automotive industry: emissions reduction. The majority of products in the portfolio contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxides, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, or soot particulates - either through new lightweighting concepts, the continued optimization of cumbustion engines by means of downsizing or alternative drive technologies.  

With new legislation being introduced around the globe, manufacturers have no choice but to deliver substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. By 2021, for example, the level of greenhouse gases emitted by new vehicles will have to fall by a further 20% in Europe and by as much as 30% in the United States. At the same time, emerging markets such as China have their sights set on low-emissions technology, with a government-defined target of cutting CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

Drawing on its innovative technologies, ElringKlinger can help to meet these challenging standards. More information about the emission reduction potential of our products can be found under Products and Technologies. 

Research and development forms the basis for a strong culture of innovation

ElringKlinger’s corporate philosophy is all about being close to the customer, spotting trends early, and actively helping to shape innovation. The company has invested some 5 % of its revenue in research and development in recent years, a relatively large amount compared to the industry as a whole. These funds underpin the strong competitive position enjoyed by the ElringKlinger Group.

Focus on research and development

Research and development (including capitalized development costs) expenses amounted to EUR 80.8 (87.2) million in the 2019 financial year. This equates to an R&D ratio of 4.7 % (5.1 %), just below the Group’s target range of 5-6 %. The Group is thus pursuing its strategy of prioritizing its highly promising areas of business when it comes to allotting significant resources.

The strong culture of innovation at ElringKlinger is kept alive by creative minds. With 611 (590) employees, the company further increased the number of staff engaged in research and development in fiscal 2019.

ElringKlinger always seeks legal protection for new developments at both product and process level. Its central patent unit deals with the protection of technological knowledge and intellectual property, in addition to applying for patents in Germany and abroad. At 81 (80), the number of patents newly applied for in 2019 was up slightly on the previous year.