ElringKlinger AG

Environment and quality

Focus on sparing use of resources – clear production targets

ElringKlinger has set itself the target of reducing annual direct and indirect carbon emissions (relative to sales revenue) by between 2 and 3 percent. To this end, ElringKlinger will continue to improve its internal processes and invest in intelligent, modern production systems with sparing use of resources in order to reduce emissions from all production sites as much as possible while maintaining its high quality standards.

Since its Original Equipment and Aftermarket business has an impact on the environment at every stage of the product life cycle, ElringKlinger has introduced high environmental and quality standards worldwide. As a result, all production sites of the ElringKlinger Group are certified in accordance with automotive industry standards TS 16949 or ISO 9001 (with the exception of Indonesia). In addition, all production sites apply an environmental management system as per ISO 14001.

Furthermore, in 2015 ElringKlinger launched its energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001. This will help harness previously untapped energy efficiency potential, scale back energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO2). The new energy management system will make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Find out more environmental indicators of the ElringKlinger Group in the "Data & Facts" section. 

Current large-scale projects

Use of wind power in Redcar/England

In September 2014, construction of a wind power system was completed at our UK ElringKlinger plant in Redcar. The coastal location of our plant provides the ideal conditions for generating power from wind turbines. The system has been operating since December 2014 and, at average wind speeds of 6.1m/sec, produces around 1,400 MWh of green power. This has led to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 600 tons per annum.

Reducing unnecessary transportation

A new, two-storey packaging logistics center with a 3,500 m2 footprint features a cleaning system for the type of reusable containers used by the Automobile Association to deliver the various products. In the past, such containers had to be transported from the ElringKlinger plants of Dettingen/Erms and Runkel by an external service provider some 150 km to Heidelberg, where they were cleaned after use and then returned to the original locations. In future, with the help of staff from the charity organization BruderhausDiakonie, over 4,500 containers a day will be able to be cleaned and made ready for reuse and recall at the Dettingen plant itself. This will save time and money and, above all, protect the environment from unnecessary transportation.

Purchase of new cogeneration system in Dettingen/Erms

In mid-2014, a combined head and power system (CHP) was commissioned at the Dettingen/Erms headquarters. The CHP units are augmented by an absorption cooler that allows waste heat to be used for cooling purposes in summer. This means any heat generated can be used the whole year round.