ElringKlinger AG

Rating & Rankings

Shares in ElringKlinger – a sustainable investment choice

ElringKlinger is gaining increasing recognition – also within the capital markets – for its commitment to sustainability in relation to its workforce, the environment and society. More and more, investors are showing that they value the responsible conduct of companies whose business activities are centered on principles of sustainability. That is why a shareholding in ElringKlinger is regarded by such investors as particularly attractive.

The ratings and rankings shown below are just a selection of those in which ElringKlinger has been listed or assessed on the basis of social and environmental criteria. 

Carbon Disclosure Project

ElringKlinger has had a Carbon Disclosure Project rating as one of the very few automobile industry suppliers in 2007. In 2022, it was awarded for Climate Change and Water Security.

The annual ratings are produced using detailed survey data by the NGO Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) on behalf of institutional investors. The focus of the rating is on the efforts made by companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and on their strategic response to climate change.