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move 12

The twelfth issue of move presents highlights of the opening ceremony for our new plant in Suzhou, China. We also report on various TechDays and trade shows relating to our Original Equipment and Aftermarket business. Additionally, two of our divisional managers are interviewed on their future strategies. The section entitled "People" introduces a true Star Wars "superfan" as well as a new series called "Different countries, different customs." Enjoy the latest issue!

Contact: move@elringklinger.com

move 11

The eleventh issue of move focuses on the royal visit of Prince Charles to ElringKlinger as well as the appointment of our new Chief Financial Officer Thomas Jessulat. We also report on the IAA Cars Motor Show and other successful trade fairs. Among other things, you can also find out about how one of our colleagues became a lifesaver and how a number of children have been active as environmental campaigners. Enjoy the latest issue!

Cotact: move@elringklinger.com

move 10

With the IAA Motor Show about to open its gates to the public in Frankfurt, ElringKlinger has finally unveiled its fully redesigned website. Additionally, the 2015 Summer Edition tells the story of how a cow on the loose produced "udder" chaos at Dettingen's Plant 1. As you would expect, the focus is also very much on our team members and new technological developments. Enjoy the latest edition!

Contact: move@elringklinger.com

move 9

Despite ElringKlinger’s increasingly global reach, our intragroup networking capabilities are becoming better and better. The Winter 2015 issue takes a closer look at our new Intranet and at a standardized project management tool for global use. It goes without saying that we have also included reports on new technologies and those special moments in the lives of our colleagues around the world. Enjoy!

Contact: move@elringklinger.com

move 8

The Summer 2014 issue of move includes a feature article on the 20th anniversary of ElringKlinger: we take a closer look at the merger of “Elring” and “Klinger” in 1994 and at how the company has evolved since then. Of course, we will also be reporting on all the latest technologies and a number of other highlights, such as this year’s Football World Cup. Enjoy!

Contact: move@elringklinger.com

move 7

In the latest issue of move we will be looking back at an eventful year for the ElringKlinger Group. However, the year proved particularly dynamic not only for the Group as a whole; ElringKlinger employees also experienced action-packed months… Read all about it!

move 6

move your mind“ – in keeping with this motto, the sixth issue of our staff magazine is centered on creativity, innovation and technology. At the same time, you can look forward to a number of other exciting topics relating to the ElringKlinger Group. Happy reading!

move 5

In this issue of move, we look back on another exciting year in the ElringKlinger Group. As part of our review of 2012, you will find reports on innovative developments, numerous events, some extraordinary employees in different parts of the world and much more. We think you will enjoy it. Best wishes from the move team.

move 4

It’s here at last: the fourth issue of our staff magazine move. Once again, we will be providing fascinating insights into the world of ElringKlinger. Among the topics covered are this year’s Annual General Meeting, our new “Werk 2” in Dettingen/Erms, future-proof products and the community involvement of our employees. We hope you – our members of staff and all those with an interest in our company – enjoy reading the latest issue of move.

move 3

Overall, 2011 proved to be an eventful but very rewarding year for us. The third issue of move looks back on the highlights for our Group. Be prepared to be amazed! We hope you enjoy reading the latest issue!

move 2

The launch of our new staff magazine in December 2010 was very encouraging and the feedback extremely positive. We will continue to keep you, employees and interested persons, posted on the key events occurring within our Group of companies. We hope you enjoy reading the second issue of move!

move 1

one of the aims of our new staff magazine move is to keep you, employees and interested persons, informed about the most important developments within the ElringKlinger Group. We have revamped and updated its predecessor with a view to breaking new ground in internal communications across the Group. We hope you enjoy reading it!