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IAA 2017 - ElringKlinger highlights expertise in e-mobility and lightweighting

Dettingen/Erms, September 6, 2017

ElringKlinger has chosen the motto "e-xperience mobility" to showcase its extensive product range at the 67th International Motor Show (IAA), which takes place in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, from September 14 to 24, 2017 (Hall 8.0, Booth F14). Supplying solutions for all drive systems currently available, the company will be focusing in particular on innovative battery and fuel cell technologies, a newly developed electric drive unit, and lightweight plastic components used in various fields of application.

  • The emphasis will be on highlighting ElringKlinger's competencies in battery and fuel cell technology.
  • The company's presentation at the IAA will include two show cars to illustrate its broad scope of knowledge covering all types of propulsion technology. One of the show cars will be dedicated entirely to solutions used in electric drivetrains. This includes an electric drive unit that brings together power electronics, transmission, and electric motor in a single assembly.
  • Among the other highlights are innovative products in the field of lightweight plastics.

ElringKlinger has further strengthened its systems expertise in the field of pioneering drive technology. Drawing on the skills of hofer powertrain, an engineering specialist in electric drive systems, and its long-standing expertise within the field of battery and fuel cell technology, the company is well placed to tackle the transition facing the global automotive industry. ElringKlinger's presentation for visitors to the IAA will include a show car demonstrating the company's skillset when it comes to end-to-end battery and fuel cell systems as well as fully electrified drivetrains.

Electric drive unit developed by ElringKlinger and hofer powertrain
This includes an e-axle (electric drive unit) developed by the two companies, combining power electronics, transmission, and electric motor. While hofer powertrain contributes its expertise in the field of development and system design, ElringKlinger focuses on large-volume production. Customers can decide whether they want to have specific company-developed components fitted or whether they prefer an end-to-end system. The result: a one-stop solution.

Complete battery systems
ElringKlinger will be showcasing an aggregate energy storage system that consists of several battery modules and is enclosed in a plastic housing with an integral pressure equalizing element. Products such as these help to reinforce ElringKlinger's credentials not just as a component manufacturer but also as a supplier of end-to-end solutions within the area of e-mobility.

PEM fuel cell stack with 300 cells for integration into vehicle systems
Drawing on many years of experience as a supplier to the automotive industry, underpinned by fully automated processes in the areas of metalworking, plastic injection molding, and joining/coating technology as well as automated assembly processes and in-house tool and mold making capabilities, ElringKlinger has established itself as a high-caliber partner for the efficient manufacture of fuel cell products in large quantities. This expertise will also be on show at the IAA – in the form of a PEM fuel cell stack containing 300 cells. Featuring metallic bipolar plates, the fuel cell has an output of 63 kWeL. The component can be integrated into vehicle drivetrains as a fuel cell/battery hybrid system or range extender and is already in full use – with a reduced number of cells – in forklift trucks.

Lightweight solutions – multiple fields of application
Lightweight engineering plays a pivotal role in the latest generation of vehicles, as downweighting translates into lower fuel consumption and a reduction in harmful emissions. Increasingly, another aspect is gaining prominence: lightweighting makes alternative drives even more effective, as lower vehicle weight means extended battery range.

The ElringKlinger show car includes a number of lightweight solutions. Alongside cockpit cross-car beams and front-end carriers engineered with the help of hybrid technology, the company will be showcasing a door carrier module and a side impact protection unit made of organo sheets at the IAA.

Established portfolio for modern combustion engines
Additionally, ElringKlinger will be presenting a number of components from its long-standing portfolio of products. These include cylinder-head gaskets that help to ensure maximum compression and avoid leakage of coolant or engine oil as well as specialty gaskets, shielding systems designed for effective thermal and acoustic management,  transmission control plates, and much more besides.

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