ElringKlinger AG
Thomas Kiupel

Introducing ...

Thomas Kiupel
B.Eng. Renewable Energy, M.Eng. Energy Management and Technology
Doctoral Student PEM Stack Development

My work

“‘New Mobility’ is one of the inevitable challenges facing us in the 21st century and I have made it my very own challenge within the New Business Areas division. ElringKlinger's PEM fuel cell is a highly innovative product that has evolved to an impressive level of development and is already being used very successfully by our customers. As is the case with any new form of technology, there are still many imponderables. This provides plenty of scope for improvement, refinement, and innovation. My PhD thesis will be covering these aspects.” 

My employer

“ElringKlinger AG has a strong focus on innovation and its product portfolio is centered on sustainability. This in itself makes it very attractive to me. At the same time, the idyllic location of the company's headquarters – Dettingen an der Erms – has a very special charm. It can also be seen as a strong statement in favor of preserving business operations in rural areas.”

My interests

  • Coffee, from Arabica and Canephora to Liberica, from cultivation to consumption
  • Swimming/lifesaving sport