ElringKlinger AG

FIL Investments International

Person/company obliged to make the notification:

  • Name: FIL Investments International
  • Place: Hildenborough, Kent
  • State: England, UK

Company data:

  • Name: ElringKlinger AG
  • Address: Max Eyth Straße 2, 72581 Dettingen/Erms
  • Place: Dettingen/Erms
  • State: Deutschland

ElringKlinger erhielt am 13. August 2009 die folgende Mitteilung:

In the name of and on behalf of FIL Investments International, Hildenborough, Kent, England, UK, we hereby notify you pursuant to section 21 (1) WpHG of the following:

On 12 August 2009 FIL Investments International crossed above the threshold of 3% of the voting rights in ElringKlinger AG, Max-Eyth-Straße 2, 72581 Dettingen/Erms, Germany. On that date, FIL Investments International held 3.09% of the voting rights in ElringKlinger AG arising from 1,778,147 voting rights.

All voting rights in ElringKlinger AG were attributed to FIL Investments International pursuant to section 22 (1) sent. 1 no. 6 WpHG.