ElringKlinger AG

Investment Case

ElringKlinger has established a global position as an independent development partner to the automobile industry and as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for high-performance cylinder-head and specialty gaskets, plastic housing modules and thermal/acoustic shielding technology. In addition, ElringKlinger serves the automotive aftermarket sector.

The company is among the world’s top three providers in each of its divisions.

ElringKlinger’s primary objective is to respond to the core challenges facing the automobile industry. The current focus here is on the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption as well as alternative drive technologies.

Capital expenditure on research and development is above the industry average and helps the company to maintain its technological lead. Our intention is to stay ‘two steps ahead of the competition’.

The company prides itself on a strong culture of innovation geared towards new products and technologies as well as new applications for existing technologies.

Regardless of the future route taken by the automotive market, ElringKlinger is one of the few suppliers in the world able to supply highly complex components for all forms of drive technology – for combustion engines, fuel cells or electric drive systems.

In addition to its leading position in terms of technology, the ElringKlinger Group has established itself as one of the most highly cost-efficient suppliers on the production side.

The aim is to achieve long-term and sustainable organic sales growth of 2 to 4 percentage points above global market growth.