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ElringKlinger supplies battery systems for solar vehicle made by Sono Motors

  • Contract secured for development and production of battery systems for all-electric solar vehicle made by German mobility company Sono Motors
  • Overall volume of several hundred million euros over scheduled period of eight years
  • Battery systems to be produced at an ElringKlinger site in Germany
  • Start of series production planned for second half of 2019

Dettingen/Erms (Germany), May 9, 2018 +++ ElringKlinger AG has secured a high-revenue contract within the area of battery technology from Munich-based company Sono Motors. The purpose of the agreement is to develop and produce complete battery systems for a fully electric solar vehicle. The purchase order covers a total volume of several hundred million euros over a period of eight years. The start of series production is scheduled for the second half of 2019.

"In securing this contract, we managed to convince a next-generation vehicle manufacturer of the innovation and performance offered by our battery technology," says CEO Dr. Stefan Wolf. "ElringKlinger will develop and produce a battery system at one of its domestic plants. This is an important statement of intent for Germany as a business location."

Sono Motors is pursuing an entirely new approach when it comes to its all-electric drive concept. The vehicle it has developed, the Sion, is positioned within the budget segment of the market and is targeted primarily at customers in urban areas. Its battery can be recharged either via the power supply grid or by means of solar cells integrated into the bodywork of the vehicle. This provides the basis for CO2-neutral driving. What is more, the battery is also designed to provide energy - turning the car into a "mobile power station." The battery system supplied by ElringKlinger is to allow an actual range of 250 km. The vehicle is to be launched onto the market in the second half of 2019.

ElringKlinger plans to use a new fully automated production line for the manufacture of this battery system. The battery system developed by ElringKlinger features a modular design, which provides greater flexibility when it comes to incorporating specific client requirements. It will be based on a 48 V module that is capable of producing aggregate system voltages of up to 800 V. The modules, which include components such as the cell housing and the cell contact system, are controlled by a battery management system that monitors the voltage and the temperature of the individual battery cells, in addition to ensuring effective power supply. Featuring the battery modules and the battery management system, the purchase order covers an end-to-end battery system.

ElringKlinger has been mass-producing components for lithium-ion batteries, such as cell contact systems and module connectors, since 2011. They are used in various hybrid and battery-powered vehicles. In addition, the Group develops and manufactures complete battery modules and systems as well as aggregate energy storage units.

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