ElringKlinger AG


With automotive markets undergoing a more pronounced shift away from Europe toward Asia and North America, local production volumes within these regions are steadily increasing. "Think global, act local" has therefore become the strategic approach adopted by ElringKlinger's procurement management. The central purchasing unit at ElringKlinger's headquarters in Dettingen/Erms works in close cooperation with regional buyers operating on site. Together, the procurement team has established a global network of suppliers.

is attributable to the cost of production material. This represents the largest expense item within the Group.
is the approach taken by the 30 purchasing managers to ensure that procurement performance is optimized continuously throughout the Group. In 2015, they performed 140 continuous improvement processes.
were placed by the purchasing department in 2015. On average, each buyer triggered procurement processes for 38 items per working day.
filled with precision stainless steel deliver their goods to ElringKlinger production plants each year, which corresponds to a volume of 26,000 tons. Precision stainless steel is among the key commodities required by ElringKlinger.
are procured per year for plastic cam covers and oil pans. That is the equivalent of Italy's entire population.
are at the heart of the global supplier network. All suppliers fulfill ElringKlinger's quality and environmental guidelines as well as international ISO standards.
is covered by 30 principal suppliers.
were processed by ElringKlinger in 2015. This is the equivalent of one jelly bean for each inhabitant of Europe (742 million in total).
is the total distance covered by the rolled out coils of precision stainless steel, aluminum, and C-steel sourced and processed by ElringKlinger every year.