ElringKlinger AG


Personal mobility is synonymous with individual freedom. One of society’s key responsibilities is to shape this freedom in such a way as to ensure that it remains intact for future generations. The automotive industry has been contributing to these efforts by developing drive systems that are as close to zero-emission solutions as possible. In pursuit of this goal, ElringKlinger has been steadily evolving battery and fuel cell technology. Given the multifaceted nature of personal mobility, both approaches have their merits. While the city of the future is more likely to feature battery-powered vehicles, rural areas will see the emergence of cars equipped with fuel cell technology. At the same time, restrictions governing emission limits will become obsolete. In addition, longer distances and higher speeds will be possible with the help of more powerful electric drives and fuel cells – without exhaust gas emissions. Hydrogen as the fuel, oxygen as the oxidizing agent, and water vapor as the sole reaction product: We are of the firm belief that fuel cell technology offers tremendous potential in the long term when it comes to combining economic benefits with the aspect of environmental sustainability.