ElringKlinger AG

 Beyond boundaries

ElringKlinger has a truly global outlook: In addition to its headquarters in Dettingen/Erms, Germany, the Group has no fewer than 44 locations in 21 countries spanning four continents. As a global player, ElringKlinger is well used to operating in an international environment. We would like to introduce five members of our team who, when working on international assignments, have not only extended their professional expertise, but have also honed their intercultural skills, thereby also helping to strengthen the ElringKlinger network as a whole.

»Given the large number of new products, my work always remains exciting and varied.«

Olav Hahn Head of Supplier Development/Central Quality Management

As Head of Supplier Development, Olav Hahn – together with his Dettingen-based team – manages a pool of around 800 suppliers of raw materials and purchased parts. Besides selecting new suppliers and gauging their potential, this includes conducting audits or implementing improvement measures on site at existing supplier facilities. In addition, his department approves purchase orders in coordination with Central Purchasing. Olav Hahn’s core expertise is in the area of steel, which represents the highest purchasing volume at ElringKlinger. Against this backdrop, he will be visiting suppliers in the United States in 2016.

»My job allows me to support different specialist areas with their projects.«

Tim Kraak Intranet Development Expert

As an Intranet Development Expert, Tim Kraak helps to digitally network individual factories or business areas within the ElringKlinger Group. He is responsible for developing and implementing SharePoint®-based solutions in order to facilitate more efficient teamwork. He provides expert advice to the respective departments and prepares individual concepts for them. As part of his current project, he spent two weeks at the Chinese sites in Changchun and Suzhou, where he was setting up local intranets and trained colleagues.

»Working together with different cultures every day makes my job fascinating and rewarding.«

Carolin Junk Head of Corporate Human Resources

Among Carolin Junk’s most important functions is filling management positions at overseas subsidiaries. In searching for suitable applicants, she works closely with HR consulting firms in Germany and abroad, as well as with the Group’s general managers and division heads. She is actively involved in selection meetings via online conferences or directly on site. Most recently, Carolin Junk was involved in recruiting additional personnel for the newly established subsidiary in Hungary. She and her team are also striving to standardize the organizational structure and personnel processes throughout the Group.

»I am proud to be able to help secure a long-term positioning for the elring brand within the chinese spare parts market.«

Joe Liu Head of Independent Aftermarket

Joe Liu has set himself the goal of establishing the “Elring” aftermarket brand in China. As an expert in this market environment and its local requirements, he and his team specify the strategy for sales, marketing, and service required to achieve this goal. In doing so, he liaises closely with the specialist departments at the Group headquarters in Dettingen/Erms. His current projects include develop­ing a pricing and distribution strategy as well as planning and implementing logistics processes for the Elring aftermarket business in China.

»Interacting with international colleagues is something that i particularly enjoy about my work.«

Mateus Vertu Project Engineer Technical Service

Project Engineer Mateus Vertu is involved in the overall process of setting up new production facilities: from installation, operation, and testing to final series production. His work also involves negotiating with suppliers and interacting on an ongoing basis with project managers and factory managers on location. At present, he is responsible for the production start-up of a new cam cover at plants in India, China, and Brazil. He does not see the travel associated with his job as a chore, but rather as something that enriches his work.