ElringKlinger AG


For those with a passion for sailing, the thrill lies in exploring the seas and becoming one with the forces of nature through their own skills and by harnessing the power of the wind. Not only does this give them independence; it is also benign to the environment. The fuel cell systems made by ElringKlinger’s subsidiary new enerday offer the same virtuous combination – an independent source of on-board power with no harmful emissions.

Working so quietly that you can’t even hear it, new enerday’s high-temperature fuel cell system generates electricity extremely efficiently from natural or liquid gas. That’s very useful, of course, when your boat is lying at anchor overnight in a quiet lagoon, but the company – founded just a few years ago in Neubrandenburg and part of the ElringKlinger family since 2014 – is now targeting the professional market, too. The system is highly versatile and can be installed wherever a customer needs electricity but is unable to use conventional technology for economic or logistical reasons: in an unmanned marine research vessel, for example, or a remote gas pipeline monitoring station. Decentralized and autonomous electricity generation – pioneering the future.

Neat work: the fuel cell systems supplied by ElringKlinger subsidiary new enerday are a tribute to years of research and development work. The very first systems produced in series were dispatched in 2014.