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Pupils/School Leavers

Who we are looking for...

Whether you’re seeking an internship, apprenticeship or dual study program, we can help.

What you learn at school, of course, forms the basis for your subsequent career. Sooner or later, though, you’ll feel the need for some practical experience. ElringKlinger can give you that experience.

Even while you’re still at school, you can get a taste of work with a global market leader as an intern on the special BORS or BOGY career orientation programs (in Germany). And if you’ve already graduated from high school, you can start your career with us in earnest by opting for a vocational apprenticeship (“Berufsausbildung”) or dual program of study and on-the-job experience (“duales Studium”).

Are you a good communicator, a self-starter, highly motivated and eager to perform? At ElringKlinger we really appreciate young people who are ready to take on responsibility, use their own initiative in the workplace and develop their own ideas for moving our business forward. We also view your social skills as vitally important factors too. Interested? Join us!

Application process

We understand that you want to know what happens to your application after you’ve sent it to us. It’s naturally an anxious time for you.
In any event, though, we need a little time to make our decision.

Once your application has been received via our online application process, you will immediately be sent an acknowledgment of receipt. Shortly after that you’ll receive an interim notification.
If we feel that you’re a suitable candidate, we’ll invite you to a test, a personal interview or a group selection procedure. This will give you the chance to meet some of our vocational training specialists. If you do well in the selection procedure, there’s nothing to stop you starting your apprenticeship or dual study program soon after! Provided, of course, you feel as sure about us.

Application tips

First impressions count. So just go for it and convince us!

Simply submit your application using our online application form. There you’ll find a full list of our apprenticeship and study programs that still have vacancies.

It’s vital that you submit all of the documentation requested. Make sure, then, that you send us an individually formulated covering letter, your complete résumé and copies of all relevant qualifications.

In your covering letter tell us which apprenticeship or study program you’re applying for, why you want to come to ElringKlinger, what attracts you about training with us and what you’re currently doing.

We look forward to receiving your online application.


How many apprenticeship and study places does ElringKlinger offer annually?

Every year around 25 to 30 apprentices and students embark on training programs with ElringKlinger. Two thirds of them follow technically oriented programs, while the remainder are training in commercial roles.

Does ElringKlinger offer its apprentices and students guaranteed employment after they’ve successfully completed their training?

Because of the collective bargaining agreement (the “Tarifvertrag”), our vocational apprentices are guaranteed employment. Although this doesn’t apply to students, in a high proportion of cases we also offer them a job. Our focus on training up people in the skills we need is very useful in this regard.

What are the prospects for my career after I’ve successfully completed my apprenticeship?

We can’t give a one-size-fits-all answer to this. Even so, anything’s possible – including a career as a senior manager.

Are apprentices and students entitled to paid leave during their training programs?

Yes, both our apprentices and those taking part in the dual-track study program are entitled to 30 days’ paid leave per year.