Introducing the Supervisory Board

In accordance with the German Co-determination Act (MitBestG), since 21 May 2010 the Supervisory Board of ElringKlinger AG has included 12 members, of whom six are elected by the Annual General Meeting and six by the company‘s employees.

The most important tasks of the Supervisory Board include appointment and dismissal of Management Board members, monitoring and advising the Management Board, determining the annual financial statements and approving key aspects of corporate planning and decision-making.

The mandates of the Supervisory Board members commenced upon completion of the Annual General Meeting 2010, with the following exceptions: Dr. Margarete Haase has been a member of the Supervisory Board of ElringKlinger AG since 2011, Prof. Hans-Ulrich Sachs since 2012, Mr. Klaus Eberhardt since 2013 and Ms. Gabriele Sons since 2014.

The next Supervisory Board election will take place in the year 2015 as part of the normal rotation system.

The following pages contain further details of the Supervisory Board members and the make-up of its various committees.

Walter H. Lechler, Chairman Walter H. Lechler, Chairman Gert Bauer Gert Bauer Paula Maria de Castro Monteiro Munz Paula Maria de Castro Monteiro Munz Achim Diez Armin Diez
Klaus Eberhardt Klaus Eberhardt Pasquale Formisano Pasquale Formisano Dr. Margarete Haase Dr. Margarete Haase Prof. Hans-Ulrich Sachs Prof. Hans-Ulrich Sachs
Markus Siegers Markus Siegers Gabriele Sons Gabriele Sons Manfred Strauß Manfred Strauß Gerhard Wick Gerhard Wick